The Keta NCCE Municipal Director, Godwin Agbenyo has urged citizens to respect the rights and accord dignity to Persons With Disability(PWD) just as it is in case of Children and Women. He said the 1992 Constitution protects every citizen including PWDs hence the need to give special attention to their needs. Mr. Agbenyo made these remarks when he met with PWDs in the Keta Municipality at the KeMA Assembly Hall.  He tutored the gathering on the Disability Act,  Act 715 stressing on the right of assess to education. He urged parents to send children with disability to school. He said it is not right to discriminate against PWDs since disability is no respecter of persons. He encouraged PWDs to stand up and demand for their rights anytime they feel undermined or cheated. He said disability is not inability therefore PWDs should exhibit their potentials. Mr Agbenyo further urged them to take environmental issues seriously as open defecation, sand winning at the beaches, building on water ways would not help but rather bring about hardship, lost of properties and lives.  He also entreated them to be interested in governance issues, contribute their quota to national development and demand accountability from public office bearers.

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