The Commission has outlined a number of programmes to educate the public on critical national and citizen centered issues.  The activities are:

  • Sensitisation on Anti-Corruption, Rule of Law and Accountability (ARAP)
  • Public Education on the upcoming Referendum on the Creation of Six New Regions
  • Public Education on Democratic Consolidation (on Directive Principles of State Policy)
  • Education on Child Protection Issues (Child marriage, Child labour, Human trafficking)
  • Public Education on Whistleblower Act (NACAP)
  • Formation of new CECs and Reactivations of Dormant Ones
  • Regional Project Citizen Showcase Competitions
  • Constitution Game Competitions in Schools
  • Education on Tax Compliance
  • Sensitisation on Environmental Protection (Focus on sanitation, illegal mining, pollution of water bodies and illegal felling of trees and bush burning)
  • Sensitisation on Indiscipline in both Public and Private Life (driving public, abatement of nuisance such as noise making, littering, destruction of public property, etc.)
  • Civic Education Activities on Patriotism
  • Education on fundamental Human Rights and Freedoms

Strategies that will be adopted to undertake these activities will ensure that citizens are well informed on key national issues. The activities will be carried out in all the 254 districts and 10 regions across the country, targeting every citizen of Ghana.


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