NCCE launches Citizenship Week at La Dadedon-kotopon

The La Dadedon-kotopon Municipal Directorate of the National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) has launched a week educational programme in 40 selected schools on the relevance of the Citizenship Week Celebration. The Week is to remind pupils and students of their responsibilities as active citizens and the role they can play to build a strong, vibrant and democratic Ghana.

In connection with the celebration, the directorate has planted a tree as a symbol of nurturing the country’s democracy.  They have engaged the services of some prominent personalities from the municipality, who have volunteered to visit schools to interact with the students, educate them tax compliance and environment governance and to participate in decision process of government at all level to strengthen our democracy.

Speaking at the launch, the Chairman of the NCCE, Ms. Josephine Nkrumah, said, this year’s citizenship week engagement is in two phases. The first phase which is in furtherance of the Commission’s collaboration with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) focuses on tax compliance and the theme for this year is “Our Taxes build a Great Ghana”. The celebration starts from Monday 28th May, 2018.

She indicated that this engagement is to inculcate in the children the relevance of tax and the need to pay it, urging the pupils to encourage their parents to pay their taxes to develop Ghana.

The Municipal Chief Executive of LADMA, Mrs. Gladys Mann-Dadey, mentioned, that the engagement would nurture the children to become responsible adult, and to enhance Ghana’s young democracy.

The LADMA Director of Education, Mrs. Bernice Adeai said “during the 2018 Citizenship Week, NCCE will propagate civic messages and engage children on constitutional matters”. She said will also promote and sensitise Ghanaians to uphold the 1992 Constitution and sustain Ghana’s democracy.






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