Ghanaians have been urged to expose people who engaged in corrupt practices. Exposing corrupt officials will curb corruption for a better Ghana.

The KEEA Municipal Director of the NCCE, Mrs Faustina Koranteng, made the plea when she addressed the Abrem-Agona Dressmakers and Tailors Association. Mrs. Koranteng noted that, corruption is a social canker that requires concerted effort of all Ghanaians, to it.

Mrs. Koranteng, reiterated that, corruption limits investments and hampers development as investors have to pay bribes before setting up business. Corrupt practices such as bribery, nepotism, fraud, embezzlement, looting, kickbacks, which are considered to be “normal” practices undermine Ghana’s democracy, good governance, rule of law and leads to low productivity and increase poverty in the country.

Mrs Faustina Koranteng, stressed that the KEEA Directorate of NCCE will continue the sensitization with faith based organizations, identifiable groups, academic institutions, communities, etc to get all involved to curb corruption to the barest minimum, boost economic growth and preserve Ghana’s democratic credentials.

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