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The National Commission for Civic Education (‘NCCE’ or ‘the Commission’) has noted with grave concern recent lawless activities of vigilante groups. The alleged forceful removal of the Regional Security Advisor from office and the attack by the ‘Delta Force’ on the Circuit Court, the judicial Arm of Government, in the Ashanti Region last week is a breach of the principle of the Rule of Law. Certainly, these acts do not augur well for our quest to consolidating Ghana’s democracy and Rule of Law as enshrined in the Preamble of the 1992 Fourth Republican Constitution.

The Commission in line with its mandate of championing education and sensitisation on safeguarding Rule of Law towards strengthening the country’s democracy condemns the recent activities of vigilante groups in no uncertain terms.

The NCCE expresses alarm about the springing up of vigilante groups in the country which threatens the breakdown of law, order, peace and security.  The Commission calls on all political parties particularly NPP and NDC to ban and dissolve any existing vigilante groups within their respective parties to avoid any further and future mobocratic activities from such groups.

The NCCE cautions all Ghanaians that the discourse of activities of vigilantism should not be politicised but should be addressed dispassionately with the nation’s interest and security at heart.

The NCCE welcomes the prompt condemnation and reaction from relevant bodies, institutions and peace loving Ghanaians. The Commission urges the Ghana Police Service as a matter of urgency to hasten investigations into the matter, apprehend and prosecute perpetrators in accordance with the law without fear or favour.

The Commission counts on all Ghanaians particularly the youth to rise up and say ‘No To Vigilantism’, remain calm and trust that authorities mandated to ensure peace and security will do their work.  The Commission prevails on all well-meaning Ghanaians to denounce these acts of lawlessness.  Religious bodies are urged to use their platforms to preach against vigilante groups.

As a people, we all must strive to protect our young democracy; remember to defend our nation by becoming responsible citizens rather than engaging in acts that can only lead us into anarchy.  Let us stand up for Ghana and not vigilantism.

God continue to bless our Homeland Ghana, and Make our Nation Great and Strong.


Joyce Afutu (Mrs.)

(Director, Communications and Corporate Affairs)


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