The Upper East Regional Directorate of the NCCE has undertaken   programmes to cultivate among the youth the practice of good citizenship through   Civic Education Club (CECs) activities. In all three schools  have so far benefited from the programme they are : Bolgatanga Girls Senior High School , Word International Junior High School (Private school) in Zuarungu and  Tongo Senior High School in Talensi District.

The purpose of the programme is to instill in the youth-in-schools ideals, principles, practices, habits, skills, values and virtues necessary for the preservation of democratic governance.Delivering his speech, the Deputy Regional Director Mr. Joseph Kwaku Yeboah was grateful to the patrons for promptly   organizing the students for the programme.

In his presentation Mr. Yeboah said democracies are sustained by citizens who have the requisite knowledge, skills and disposition, commitment to fundamental values and principles of democracy, and a free and open society. He urged students to exhibit good Human Rights Values, recognize the individual dignity and worth and respect the rule of law even at the school and community level.He further stated that Ghanaians require the kind of Governance that called for efforts and commitment on the part of citizens to whip up interest and revitalize democratic tenets in the society.

Also addressing the students (using a mathematical vent diagramme) a Senior Civic Education Officer Mr. Samuel Akolgo took the students through essential elements of civic education which are; Civic Knowledge, Civic Skills and Civic Disposition. He said acquisition of these is a pre-requisite for understanding rights and obligations in constitutional democracy.He concluded that the Commission will continue to produce in schools youth with a clear understanding of the concept of citizenship with emphasis on the “good, citizenship. In all the students were highly appreciative of the programmes and promised to make the civic education club viable.

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